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The New Jersey Coalition for Independent Work is dedicated to elevating the voices and needs of New Jersey’s independent app-based workers. The group, which includes dozens of community, faith-based, business, and tech organizations, as well as several of the nation’s leading app-based platforms, is committed to protecting the independence and flexibility of app-based workers while also working to improve their access to benefits and other workforce protections.

For many people, a traditional job with scheduled shifts doesn’t work for their lives. Whether it’s caring for loved ones, starting a small business, or going to school to pursue their dream career, the rise of flexible work arrangements has given independent workers the ability to choose when, where, and how long they want to work.

And since March when COVID-19 impacted so many traditional businesses across the state, flexible earning opportunities became lifelines for tens of thousands of New Jerseyans struggling to make ends meet.

In November, millions of Californians went to the polls to vote Yes on Proposition 22, which guaranteed app-based workers could remain flexible and independent while accessing historic new benefits and protections. This vote mirrors the overwhelming support from the workers themselves.

The New Jersey Coalition for Independent Work will continue to stand with workers to ensure they are guaranteed the flexibility to work when, where, and for however long they choose, while also gaining the protections and benefits they deserve.

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Flexible Work for New Jersey
Flexible Work for New Jersey